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Primary School camps are more often than not based in “hard top” venues (School Camps) with dormitory and cabin style accommodation and can be anything from 1 night through to several nights.


Primary school education is focused on the development of the entire child, and it is therefore just as important to provide thoughtful curriculum in outdoor education as it is in maths or language.


To that end, we here at Halls Outdoor Education have been providing thoughtful, educational and age appropriate programs to the primary school sector for many years, and pride ourselves on being able to deliver just what our schools are looking for.


Multi day primary programs offer a range of different activities that both challenge and provide a sense of achievement to the student, and these can be physical, creative or environmental. All designed for students to have fun and learn at the same time.


The program that we deliver will be developed following consultation with you and your school to ensure that your students are receiving great outcomes.




In the years when adolescents are feeling the most pressures, there is a way to give students a sense of self-worth, achievement and satisfaction through outdoor education.

When students are taken out of the traditional school setting, and their “Comfort Zone” they can be given a fresh start to achieve. Students often excel in the outdoor setting, gaining new respect for themselves and from their peers. A vital part of this learning is an appreciation for the environment through activities that take part in the natural environment.


A sense of community is gained through small groups achieving and dealing with day to day problems encountered in camping and adventurous activity situations. 

All these activities need to be handled and run carefully, with attention to clear objectives and safety standards, so those successful outcomes in both hard and soft skills are achieved.


These programs can take the form of small taster sessions in many different activities or concentrate on one activity where students can choose an activity and develop real skill in that activity.


These programs can be run in “hard top” venues (School Camps) with dormitory and cabin style accommodation, or on Journey based camping that will both challenge and empower the student.



“In and Out” camps.

An “In and Out” camp is one that offers the use of a hard top venue school camp with an outdoor adventurous component.


These camps are generally run from our Stringybark Lodge and Lakewood Park locations, where the students spend a night or two at the lodge competing in initiative tasks, flying fox, low ropes, and many other fun and educational activities before heading out to spend a couple of nights in the bush learning about what it is to hike, or bike & camp and manage in the great outdoors.


We provide the expertise, training and the gear to ensure that the student learns through outdoor activities, gains a sense of achievement and comes away having a better sense of themselves & their peers.



We will take the time to assess and tailor any camp experience to the school needs and location preference.

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