Lakewood Park Camp is a mere 400 meters from the well protected Masons Bay on the famous Gippsland Lakes and is situated on a picturesque 200+ acres of rolling pastures, with hidden gullies ideal for exploring, bush camping areas, bush construction areas and its own lake.


Adjacent to the Banksia Peninsula in East Gippsland, Lakewood Park Camp is ideally located in the heart of the “Riviera of Victoria”, so called due to the climate which is quite different to that of the rest of Victoria.


This unique climate results in the winter daytime temperatures generally more like those experienced in northern Victoria, without the really cold nights and with less rain. With day after day of clear blue skies and the warming winter sun, you hardly feel like it’s winter.


In summer, we rarely get the extreme heat because on most afternoons we get a welcome sea breeze. The weather is perfect to enjoy the lake and seaside environment.


All of this makes Lakewood Park Camp an ideal coastal location for your school camps at any time of the year.

Please contact Halls Outdoor Education for further information and Bookings for this venue in 2017.


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